We actually are suspecting a ragweed allergy

He started having allergy hayfever last spring. It’s good to hear that someone else might have that connection and that it’s not just a really werid thing for DH.
Our regular doctor has told him to keep a food journal. They are 100% accurate compared to an allergy test that’s only right about 50% of the time.
He doesn’t eat raw bananas or walnuts as well.

LOL! that’s why I’ve been quiet

I solved a family history mystery that I’ve been poking at for years. So excited about it and now have made vital record requests and need to document a bunch of other records I found on Ancestry to tie up the proof.
Congrats on you break through! Hope it comes together for you. I was looking at DNA stuff yesterday on my dad’s line and was contacted by a now proven cousin recently and ordered another test on my dad to see if we can pin point the geographic local of the his Ydna line.
Can totally relate to your excitement and distraction. Been distracted for days over here…

Getting ready for the little guy coming

8 more weeks to go. Working on a sinus infection that the Dr. doesn’t want to give me antibiotics for. I’m allergic to most of them, so I’m agreeing, but I think I’m changing my mind.

Called to register at the hospital for delivering. Mentioned paying cash several times is an option and would like a discount. We’ll see. It would be helpful after the $1500 ER bill we get to pay because we discovered DH is allergic to Watermelon. Yes, watermelon. I’m not kidding. Oh and cantalupe, honeydew, and possibly avacados. Poor guy! He use to love watermelon. Those Epi Pens are also outragious, but DH is worth it.

It will be at the same hospital. We should get frequent flyer miles this year.

So, as I posted earlier I’ve been working on the budget, and baking most of the day

Man that Amish Friendship Bread with chocolate chips smells good, anyway right in the middle of me making dinner I get a phone call from dh’s cousin. She’s all excited, she’s my Stewart/Patterson genealogy research buddy and she’s possibly got a break through on the brick wall the family has been working on with our double line of Stewart/Patterson (brother and sister of one family married a brother and sister of the other—makes for one big family) all total between four of genealogists for over 50 years.
Anyway, a fellow who is tracing his ADOPTIVE heritage decided to go the DNAy route to trace his heritage and it looks like we may now have the line that was previously stopped at the 1850’s all the way back to the early 1600’s!!! Anyway, she contacted me because even with the DNAy we want documentation to tie all these folks together. I’m more of genealogist than she is, and together we are pretty great. So it may get real quiet here for a bit while I go off and play with dead people.

Creating a budget “below the line”

Well this was a sad day. I re-aligned our budget/expenses, paying once a month, in rank order from most essential (rent) to least. In my head (and I’m the nerd in the family), we had 3 months of living expenses in the bank.
Yeah, Nope. it’s closer to 6 weeks, 2 months if I go today and tomorrow and get money orders for rent, which I am going to do so at least we have a roof over our head through the end of Feb. Just BARE MINIMUM living expenses are $3800. If I take out groceries (which I actually can do, we have food storage) that’s $3400. A bare minimum of gas for the car is $400.
Get $650 from Gshloans Inc in 24 hour loans, so it was quick and easy! Just a real shock. It’s surprising how little money goes out in credit card payments, only $112, these are the items which are “below the line.” I already called the Gas company to get on to their discounted rates (less 20%), and have an application for electric discount (also 20%).
Prayers that unemployment is granted, that Medi-cal is granted, and that Foodstamps are granted, (in that order), would be much appreciated.

The cops can’t get to the accidents

then you deal with the insurance co that wants to pay the least amount for the damage–they call it “select service”…basically, you take the vehicle to someone they choose and get it fixed–NO estimates. Sorry, played that game with a slab leak–your dude told me he couldn’t fix the leak, so I would need repipe and he told insurance co he could fix it, so they wouldn’t pay the claim.

She will need a rental for when the car goes in, no way around that because of her working 3 jobs and going to college, but because of one of her jobs, she can use the employee rate to rent the car.

Still wading through this insurance fiasco

Will probably have to cut a few of our products, but at least not all of them. And the insurance company who “stood us up” in terms of approving a policy and then pulling out their final support, nevertheless went through with telling the mortgage company that theirs would be the new policy. So now we’ll have to actually play their little games and see if that policy, which is in effect right this minute, will stay active, or will be pulled as they’re threatening to do. I’m proceeding under the assumption that the latter will occur, so we’re still talking to other agents about other policies. And just to make things exciting, for about 24 hours the mortgage company was also under the impression that we’d gone without insurance for a whole year, and they were squawking about having to show proof of coverage. I squared that up this morning, with 20 minutes on the phone with their customer service department. It just keeps getting better and better. I did something yesterday I haven’t done in a long time – raided the Oreos bag. I’ve just gotten so frustrated with this whole situation. No common sense being applied by anyone, but we have to jump through these hoops or face some steep liability issues. I have zero interest in trying to add a new line item to our budget for some lawsuit payoff. No thanks. So I keep jumping through hoops.