I have to agree

Better something than nothing. Keep in mind that the salary you used to earn, and/or the salary you were expecting, may have taken a huge hit during the last few years as companies downsize, merge, and/or ship their staffing needs overseas. A lot of the software design and IT folks I used to work with, were laid off in favor of staff doing the same work, for 1/4 the salary, remotely from places like Mexico, Russia and India. Those friends that were able to find replacement employment, ALL took big hits in their salaries. Don’t hold out for a salary that no longer exists.

This is a huge improvement over unemployment, and only slightly less huge improvement over flipping burgers. If you do accept the offer and start working, THEN you can consider how to climb the ladder once you’ve secured that drastically-better-than-unemployment position. If you had five offers on the table, it would make sense to negotiate for which of the five offered the best package. But arguing for a better offer when it’s the only one to come along in over a year? Frankly, I wouldn’t even make a counter offer. I’d say ‘thank you!’ and accept it as-is. Beats the heck out of the alternative.

Is that an “offer” that you are expected to counter-offer?

I would factor in the travel and benefits as others have stated. Will they be matching 401K contributions or other retirement? What about long term disability and life insurance?

I know a lady at church who took a new position and the pay was okay but she’d hoped for more. When she took the position, her supervisor told her they would do a review in 6 months and she was promised a raise at that time. At 3 months in to the job, she got a raise and then another, I think less than 9 months down the road. I am saying all this to say that your starting salary is not where you’ll stay but merely a starting point. I mean, as DR says, you’d have to be a real dufus to spend time at a job and never, ever get a raise.

Best wishes on the job front and I hope all the details get ironed out quickly and smoothly.