That’s tough, but it depends on why your credit is bad

When my hubby and I had first got married he wasn’t allowed to be on my credit union account because he had been hit by “check systems”. He wrote a bad check once a few years before. We had to shop around and found that Washington Mutual would let us open an account.

I would keep looking around like Eldred suggested. And if in the end you can’t find one, I would keep the bank you have now. Many transaction can be done through the phone, internet, and atm’s. Then when our credit is repaired, then shop for another bank.

So now that we live in the West

we are trying to move our banks too. But we keep hearing that our credit doesn’t qualify us for a “regular” account. For example Wells Fargo gave us an “opportunity account”. Works like a checking account except that I can only spend 500 a day on my debit card. Not withdraw, SPEND. Also my deposits are held for three days, even if I am depositing a check drawn on a Wells Fargo account. Also its costs 15$ a month. WTH!? We have been with Suntrust for years and might just stay with them anyway. Seems strange to have a bank that is 2000 miles away though….