Creating a budget “below the line”

Well this was a sad day. I re-aligned our budget/expenses, paying once a month, in rank order from most essential (rent) to least. In my head (and I’m the nerd in the family), we had 3 months of living expenses in the bank.
Yeah, Nope. it’s closer to 6 weeks, 2 months if I go today and tomorrow and get money orders for rent, which I am going to do so at least we have a roof over our head through the end of Feb. Just BARE MINIMUM living expenses are $3800. If I take out groceries (which I actually can do, we have food storage) that’s $3400. A bare minimum of gas for the car is $400.
Get $650 from Gshloans Inc in 24 hour loans, so it was quick and easy! Just a real shock. It’s surprising how little money goes out in credit card payments, only $112, these are the items which are “below the line.” I already called the Gas company to get on to their discounted rates (less 20%), and have an application for electric discount (also 20%).
Prayers that unemployment is granted, that Medi-cal is granted, and that Foodstamps are granted, (in that order), would be much appreciated.