Don’t push them too hard

Even at the lower rate you need this job until you find one you really want. Dh had to take a 25% cut in pay to get back to work, and then his first pay raise was $3 per hour more. Which still left him quite a bit below what he was making previously but the benefits are good. However, if ds wasn’t paying the utilities we would not be snowballing now, we’d been in a world of hurt when there isn’t any overtime, but he saw it as a job, above the income we had coming in. So he took it and he’s glad he did. He loves the company (other than the dingy comptroller), they work with him about his hours, let him telecommute in bad weather and all sorts of extra. Plus they hired ds that’s a huge plus too.
What does the benny package look like. Remember they would be paying your way to Germany and training you. That alone should add a few thousand to your “salary” for the first year. And having that training on your resume couldn’t hurt.
Would there be any OT involved is it salaried or hourly? Salaried you don’t want overtime, hourly then… maybe.
How much do you truthfully NEED to live on and make your house payment? Remember you are debt free other than the house.