I sure hope you find some thing(s) to help with that budget

Along those lines, are there any veggie growers near you (I know you’re in SoCal but there might still be a few), who would trade field labor for veggies? I know a lot of folks up here do that, even off the books entirely. It can be a win/win because the family gets food and the grower gets some help that actually shows up on time, clean and sober, ready to work. I don’t recall what everyone’s employment situation is in your household, and/or if there would be time in the day for that sort of thing. But springtime is the busiest time of year for produce farms, and finding motivated help is always difficult. If you would like help finding someone near you zap me a note off-list and I’ll see what I can find. Even if you don’t think that would work, I hope you find something that will.