Is that an “offer” that you are expected to counter-offer?

I would factor in the travel and benefits as others have stated. Will they be matching 401K contributions or other retirement? What about long term disability and life insurance?

I know a lady at church who took a new position and the pay was okay but she’d hoped for more. When she took the position, her supervisor told her they would do a review in 6 months and she was promised a raise at that time. At 3 months in to the job, she got a raise and then another, I think less than 9 months down the road. I am saying all this to say that your starting salary is not where you’ll stay but merely a starting point. I mean, as DR says, you’d have to be a real dufus to spend time at a job and never, ever get a raise.

Best wishes on the job front and I hope all the details get ironed out quickly and smoothly.