So, as I posted earlier I’ve been working on the budget, and baking most of the day

Man that Amish Friendship Bread with chocolate chips smells good, anyway right in the middle of me making dinner I get a phone call from dh’s cousin. She’s all excited, she’s my Stewart/Patterson genealogy research buddy and she’s possibly got a break through on the brick wall the family has been working on with our double line of Stewart/Patterson (brother and sister of one family married a brother and sister of the other—makes for one big family) all total between four of genealogists for over 50 years.
Anyway, a fellow who is tracing his ADOPTIVE heritage decided to go the DNAy route to trace his heritage and it looks like we may now have the line that was previously stopped at the 1850’s all the way back to the early 1600’s!!! Anyway, she contacted me because even with the DNAy we want documentation to tie all these folks together. I’m more of genealogist than she is, and together we are pretty great. So it may get real quiet here for a bit while I go off and play with dead people.