You KNOW how CRAZY I am about FREE toilet paper !!!

Getting FREE toilet paper (and a bottle of shampoo) this week at Vons. They are running their “spend $30 on qualified frozen food, get a $10 Catalina to use on your next shopping trip” promo. YEAH BABY !! So I’m getting my $30 worth of frozen stuff, then buying Safeway 12 count 1000 sheet TP ($8.47) and 1 Suave shampoo (.99)= $5.24 (ok, you caught me, I have to spend .24cents.) But I could get $1+ back if I just bought TP. I think. I’m not sure if they let you get change back on a Catalina.

Anyway. You have to be careful. Today I got 3 Safeway lasagnas (9.99ea) and 1 Safeway waffles (1.99) which should have come to 31.96 (yes, I am working the system). EXCEPT the Safeway lasagnas are on unadvertised sale for $8.99ea. So, the ticker only kicked out a $5 Catalina (from WYB $20 worth.) I’m like NO. The lasagna is shelf stickered for $9.99. Any OTHER day of the week, I would be thrilled to get $3 in unadvertised savings, BUT NOT TODAY when I’m expecting FREE TP !!!

They ended up giving me a $5 giftcard. So I took it and my $5 catalina and went and got free TP and a free bottle of shampoo.

I think next time I’ll stick to DiGiorno pizza ($5ea). And I think I can use more than 1 Catalina at a time, but I’ll have to check (if anyone knows the answer, PLMK. If I used two at a time, I could get two 12packs of TP for free, plus 1 shampoo. I’d have to sacrifice a bottle of shampoo vs. spending .24 cents that way…hmmm. Might not be worth it to combine them.

HAPPY DAY! (Yes, I’m a grocery coupon shopping wacko. Now you have proof!)